Dear Mr. President-Elect

Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama, and staff:

It’s really hard to understand why “a fierce proponent” (Mr. Obama, those are your own words) of the GLBT community would invite Rick Warren to speak at your historic Inauguration. This is someone who compares gay marriage to incest, polygamy and pedophilia. I’m all for inclusiveness, but this, it seems, is pure absurdity.

Are leaders of the KKK, the Aryan Nation and Westboro Baptist Church (and the ever-awful Mr. Fred Phelps) being invited? I think not! This is not even about Gay rights; this is about sanctioning the bashing, character assassination and, yes, killing, of certain groups (like Gays and Atheists) and Rick Warren is one of the foremost haters of both groups. On the biggest day in our nation, in front of the world, after eight years of “tolerating” the right-wing, faith-based agenda of President George Bush, if we want to celebrate with you, and for you, we’re going to have to watch and listen to one of the most intolerant people in this country.

I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s inclusion; I think it’s delusion; I hope it’s confusion; I know it’s just not right. It’s just not. 

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2 Responses to Dear Mr. President-Elect

  1. arnuld says:

    I can’t believe that. Obama is asking anti-society people for help. Is this the first sign of his Futureal failure as a US President.

  2. karyn says:

    inviting the insane to speak on a world stage is certainly a new twist on the concept of diversity and inclusion. it’s one that i hadn’t thought of, and frankly it makes as much sense as equating homosexuality with incest and pedophilia. a really positive change would be for obama to stand up to these barking-mad dogs and set the standard for human decency and equality, not pander to them because they have a million insane followers. rick warren makes me sick. this decision makes me sick.

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