Water and Donuts: The New Homophobia

OK, so because Rick Warren has helped the poor and people with AIDS, it’s fine for him to compare same-sex marriage with incest, polygamy and pedophilia? Has everyone lost their mind? Hitler helped pure Germans. The Somali pirates help enrich some citizens of the poorest African country. The TonTonMacoute helped Papa Doc, and his spawn, Baby Doc, drive the once beautiful Haiti into a ravaged country of denuded mountains and starving people, but they enriched themselves.

It should matter, equally, who you help and who you hurt. This “some of my best friends are” facade reflects nothing less than an ethical bankruptcy that will cause more harm to this country than Wall Street ever could…but I’ll grant you, the race is close. Watch this at Pam’s House Blend.

About TT Thomas

Writer, Reader, Reviewer, Thinker, Tinker, Accumulating Amazing Things That Other People Say and Do.
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