I Went to Beverly Hills One Day, and All I Got Was This Lousy Marriage License?

Surprise! The people who brought you Proposition 8 are at it again.

And this part is beyond special: Kenneth Starr, the great White defender of our country against alleged extra-marital blowjobs, has become part of the legal team working on behalf of the Proposition 8 supporters who, yesterday, filed briefs in California to nullify thousands of same sex marriages.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: That would include my marriage.)

Star, who is the Dean of Pepperdine Law School, earned his reputation as a defender of morality when he investigated the suicide of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster and the Whitewater debacle. During that $71million investigation, President Clinton’s involvement with Monica Lewinsky came to light. The House of Representatives impeached the President, but the Senate acquitted him.

The sponsors of the Proposition 8 measure filed three briefs in the California Supreme Court in response to three anti-Proposition 8 lawsuits. One of the anti-Prop 8 suits argues that a constitutional convention was needed to add Proposition 8 to the State constitution.

Starr will serve as lead counsel, and argue the case before the Supreme Court.

Bring. It. On. (Bold face provided by The Daily Horse)



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3 Responses to I Went to Beverly Hills One Day, and All I Got Was This Lousy Marriage License?

  1. Paul Bens says:

    AH, we so missed dear old Mr. Starr.

  2. Paul Bens says:

    Oooohhh…it worked this time!

  3. TT Thomas says:

    I think we have the ever-wonderful Mrs. logophilos to thanks for that fix!

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