Listen Up: Mr. Gorgeous Blue Eyes Is Serious





A video with a worthy cause, a lovely anchorman and a heartfelt sincerity that can’t be beat. Jeremy Hooper posts vids to YouTube under his GoodAsYou byline and runs the GoodAsYou website.

But on Jeremy’s My Space site, you get a real sense of his GLBT purpose. Every day he scouts the internet for anti-gay content, and as the cool video on his Space explains, there’s not enough hours in the day. We hope Jeremy doesn’t mind that we grabbed this photo off one of his YouTube videos in opposition to Rick Warren speaking at the Inauguration. Take that Rick Warren, take it all the way to your Brokeback Saddleback church that allows gay people to attend but not become members. Rick, really! Everyone knows some of our finest members—oh, never mind.

So, give Jeremy some props for what looks like over a full year of scanning the horizon, virtually and otherwise, for the non-gays who call us perverts and sinners.


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3 Responses to Listen Up: Mr. Gorgeous Blue Eyes Is Serious

  1. Sandra says:

    Hey TTThomas…thanks for the Mr. Gorgeous Blue Eyes link. I’ve bookmarked your blog and his! Both are wonderful and much needed voices in our community. Thanks for the intelligent commentary.

  2. Jeremy/G-A-Y says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, both for my work and my eyes 🙂

    You have a great site shaping up here. Keep fighting the good fight.

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