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I’m so there!





And on one of my favorite blogs, Joe.My.God it was reported a couple days ago that Rick Warren’s official Saddleback Church website has taken down its refusal to have homosexual members. As noted in the piece under Marilyn’s picture, Rick Warren had the following statement on his church website:

“Because membership in a church is an outgrowth of accepting the Lordship and leadership of Jesus in one’s life, someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted as a member at Saddleback Church.”


Gee, and now it’s gone? :: launches into song and dance::  “In a spin, loving the spin I’m in…” (From “That Old Black Magic,” 1942, music by Harold Arlen, lyrics by Johnny Mercer)

I like what Barney Frank , one of the only openly gay members of the US House of Representatives, said:


“I am very disappointed by President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to honor Reverend Rick Warren with a prominent role in his inauguration.

It is irrelevant that Rev. Warren invited Senator Obama to address his congregation, since he extended an equal invitation to Senator McCain. Furthermore, the President-Elect has not simply invited Rev. Warren to give a speech as part of a series in which various views are presented. The selection of a member of the clergy to occupy this uniquely elevated position has always been considered a mark of respect and approval by those who are being inaugurated.

Religious leaders obviously have every right to speak out in opposition to anti-discrimination measures, even in the degrading terms that Rev. Warren has used with regard to same-sex marriage. But that does not confer upon them the right to a place of honor in the inauguration ceremony of a president whose stated commitment to LGBT rights won him the strong support of the great majority of those who support that cause.


There are many writers who understand and talk about the good Pastor’s grab for the brass ring. I highly recommend Pam’s House Blend as well. There’s a lot of us out there. 

I’d like to thank Stephen Witherden not only for the photo of the Marilyn statue, but also for the delicious dish above. If you’re going to talk about “the face” of the GLBT nation and its future, then you have to give credit to the ever lovely “First Face.”

We’ve got a million faces. We’ve got all the races. We’ve got every religion. We’ve got every gender. We are everywhere. We have parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We are NOT a political issue. We are NOT someone’s talking point. We are NOT the agenda. 

We are the answer. Now, what, exactly, was the question? 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!  (Bold face enthusiastically provided by The Daily Horse)

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