Before Gay Pride Day: “Parading Our Passions”




Homosexuality: The International Disease

by Doris Hanson, 1965. 

The back over says it all:  

HOMOSEXUALITY’S NEW BOLDNESS…Never before in the history of civilized man has there been suh preoccupation with homosexuality among both men and women…Nor have there been more obvious manifestations of deviation…Male homosexuals flaunt themselves on the streets of major cities in long hair, tight fitting dungarees, polished fingernails and with permanent waves…From Capri to Santa Monica they have invaded the public beaches…Wearing spangles on their brief bikinis, the increasing numbers have shocked responsible resort towns…Female homosexuals are in the vanguard of movements to prevent discrimination against lesbians…They are openly fighting morals  on the statute books of many states…Where will this bold upsurge in overt homosexuality lead? Reporter Doris Hanson contributes and frank and frightening answer to this question….Her report is based on two tours around the world where everywhere, she reports, homosexuals are…PARADING THEIR PASSIONS.

Voyage To Lesbo, by Doris Hansen, 1967

Although we have no sales figures on the above paperback, written in 1965, by Doris Hanson, she was apparently somewhat obsessed with Gays. Her next book, written in 1967, was called Voyage To Lesbo.  We could find nothing on the internet about “a reporter” named Doris Hanson, aside from her book titles and a few copies of those books being sold by antique book dealers. The back cover says:

“This is the true story of Maria X, told to reporter Doris Hanson, of her voyage into the world of lesbianism…it begins in the mining town where she was a young girl, her full round breasts showed enticingly in the shabby sweaters she wore to school…I was ashamed of them so I wore an overcoat in class…so writes Maria in this shockingly candid, first person story of a beautiful girl who discovered that her silken hair, Venus like figure and prodigious appetite for sexual pleasure could be turned to advantage…” 

Tight fitting dungarees? Absolutely! Permanent waves? Oh, I just don’t think so!

Voyage From Lesbos, by Robert C Robertiello, 1959

Hansen’s book Voyage To Lesbo is not to be confused with a book that preceeded it, in 1959, Voyage From Lesbos by the late New York psychiatrist Robert C. Robertiello, M.D.  A review of his book by Lewis W. Brabdt in The Psychoanalytic Review says it all:

This is, as the very well chosen title indicates, the report of the analysis of a female homosexual. It covers the first four years of a rather orthodox Freudian analysis with three weekly sessions during the first two years and two weekly session thereafter, and ends at the point where the patient had made a final break with homosexuality.”

International diseases, voyages to and from Lesbo, and parading passions and prodigious appetites for sexual pleasure? It almost sounds fun!







And then, bringing it current, we have the ever-popular, purpose-driven, floral-shirted, Melissa-loving, Obama-praying, double-speaking Rick Warren! As noted in the piece under Marilyn’s picture, Rick Warren had the following statement on his church website:

“Because membership in a church is an outgrowth of accepting the Lordship and leadership of Jesus in one’s life, someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted as a member at Saddleback Church.”

And now it’s gone, taken off the website of the Saddleback Church. 

Oh. My. G-d. It is truly a wonder that we have managed to survive this long! (Bold face provided at no charge by The Daily Horse)


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One Response to Before Gay Pride Day: “Parading Our Passions”

  1. logophilos says:

    Every time someone uses the term ‘homosexual lifestyle’ a kitten eats the face of the Baby Jesus. Someone should tell Warren that.

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