“You must remember this…”***

In the spirit of “words hurt” (kissing cousin to “words that hurt”), the GLBT community and friends are united in the desire and goal of never letting a stupid, gay-bashing comment pass without comment. For those of you who seem always to be reminding people that Gay does not equal Pornography, this video would be a good watch. Despite what Sean Hannity (and others) would have us think, but as GLAAD so deftly counters, Hannity’s opening salvo suggesting that maybe he’s “too sensitive” is the best laugh. I do believe it would not take much to disabuse him of that fiction. What a freak!




Thanks to GLAAD for this.

***From Lyrics and Music by Herman Hupfeld;
© 1931 Warner Bros. Music Corp., ASCAP


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Writer, Reader, Reviewer, Thinker, Tinker, Accumulating Amazing Things That Other People Say and Do.
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