Books By Ann Somerville

All of the following Somerville ebooks are available for download.

Somatesthesia, 2009, Lulu 

Many Roads Home, 2009, Samhain Publishing 

Remastering Jerna, 2009, PD Publishing 

Hidden Faults, 2008, PD Publishing 

Encounters 1: On Wings, Rising, 2008, Samhain Publishing 

Encounters 2: Reaching Higher, 2009, Samhain Publishing 

Encounters 3: Bound to Fall, 2009, Lulu 

Interstitial, 2008, Samhain Publishing 

Going Down, 2008, Lulu 

Darshian Tales , 2007, Lulu, here.

Rest of Darshian Tales free here.

Cold Front, 2006, Lulu, here

Part of the Pindone Files, and available free here, along with the rest of the stories in that arc.

And coming next year (2010), one of Somerville’s books, Consequences, will be available at PD Publishing 

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