As an adjunct to the prom article, The Daily Horse would like to draw your attention to a national organization and local chapters of concerned individuals who are doing something positive and effective in their communities for their gay sons and daughters, gay family members, and gay friends. Most of you have heard of the group known as PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), but their work behind the scenes, especially with high-school age GLBT people, is creating a not-so-quiet storm of visibility on behalf of gay teens who are being bullied and denied their rights within their school environment.

If you know a gay teen who is having trouble at school, check out the PFLAG site, find the chapter nearest to your location, and see if you can’t get some “group” pressure from a nationally recognized advocacy group to help you with problems especially harmful and hurtful to gay teens.

Lately, there’s been a lot of resistance to efforts to bring the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) to high schools around the country. Here’s an excerpt from something that happened in Baltimore when the Fred Phelps insanely anti-gay group, the Westboro Baptist (so-called) Church, took to the streets around Towson High School to object to Gay inclusion in pretty much everything. Mark Patro, president of the PFLAG Baltimore County shared some observations on the day’s events. The piece is part of the PFLAG Blog, which is full of stories that shatter the hate messages with a heart-wrenching sincerity from PFLAG leaders and members who daily see what GLBT people are up against at every level of society; PFLAG is especially sensitive to the vulnerability of GLBT teenagers who are witness and victim to some of the cruelest abuses of our younger brothers and sisters. 

It was interesting to read the write up in the student newspaper here, which includes a video of the event. Happily, though the viscious anti-gay diatribes continue throughout the country, it’s clear that no Dope goes unexposed, no Dopes can dampen the exuberance of a cause well-grounded in the universal ethics of fairness for all, and the days of cowering and cow-towing to the Dopes are long gone and good riddance!

Good on ya, PFLAG!

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