The GLBT Bookshelf Is Now Open!

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The GLBT Bookshelf is the brainchild of author Mel Keegan. In introducing the site to the Gay nation, Keegan, said:

“We’re a new Community of writers, artists, publishers, reviewers and readers … with a difference. We’re a GLBT Community, where the emphasis is on gay books. If you enjoy a great gay read, this is the place for you!

“Many other writers’ and publishers’ Communities are thriving on the web, but you could easily feel like the odd one out, among the children’s fiction, mainstream romance and self-improvement volumes. So many online writers’ communities have a specific category for Gay and Lesbian works, into which we’re firmly separated out. Historical, SF, military, crime, Western — no matter the real genre of the books, if they feature gay characters or interests — they’re gay. Not here. This is GLBT Bookshelf.

“The goal of this Community is to support our publishing industry, encourage writers, reach and intrigue readers, foster sales, build careers — not just in writing and publishing, but specifically in GLBT writing and publishing.”

Keegan has pointed out in other communications that what recently happened with Amazon, where scores of GLBT titles temporarily lost their rankings in a supposed programming snafu that just happened to eliminate mostly GLBT genre titles, was one of several motivations for starting the wiki.  The Bookshelf depends on member-and-friend donations and traffic to be viable.

The Bookshelf includes two authors reviewed earlier this year by The Daily Horse. Ann Somerville was reviewed here with a list of her books here, and a free sampler of her work here.   Another favorite author who shows up on the GLBT Bookshelf is Paul G. Bens, Jr, who has a full-length novel, Kelland, debuting on September 1, 2009, from Casperian Books. We reviewed one of Paul’s fabulous short stories here

The majority of books at the Bookshelf are available in ebook or print formats, and represent a great cross-section of available GLBT-oriented books. There is a large community of m/m writers, as well as GLBT authors and reviewers of all the traditonal genre of books, including Historical Romance, Mystery and Contemporary. So whether you are an aspiring author, a published author, a reader, reviewer, book cover artist, a publisher or someone who wants to help promote the GLBT Bookshelf as a complete destination point for the written and visual arts in the GLBT communities, please, pass it on!

The GLBT Bookshelf

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2 Responses to The GLBT Bookshelf Is Now Open!

  1. TaMeR says:

    hey there..
    how do you do? im Tamer from Gaza city – Palestine …

    i just wanna ask you about a friend from Gaza his name is Malak.

    you wrote about him here

    plzzzzz if you know any thing about him just tell me plzz


  2. TT Thomas says:

    Please see my email: As I don’t know who you are, I cannot comment on Malak, for his protection.

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