End Run Around Constance: Fake Prom

Chris Kieffer, a reporter for the NMS Daily Journal broke the story Monday morning (4/5/10), later picked up by the Advocate and Huffington Post, that Constance McMillen was sent to a “fake” prom, attended by less than a dozen people, this past Friday evening, while the rest of her classmates partied at a private party celebration to which Constance and her girlfriend were not invited.

Photo Credit: The Advocate

Although a couple of school officials were at the event that Constance attended, it was not clear what entity actually sponsored the small party held at a local country club. Meanwhile, most other students went to a dance party at a community center in Evergreen, a nearby community. The ACLU continues to investigate what happened Friday night in the event they wish to ask Judge Glenn Davidson for sanctions.

According to Kieffer’s story: At a hearing on a preliminary injunction filed by the ACLU, Senior U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson ruled that the district had violated McMillen’s First Amendment rights but that it shouldn’t be forced to sponsor a prom since a group of parents had already agreed to hold an event that would be “open to all IAHS students.”

Last Monday night, those parents announced they would no longer host that prom. On Tuesday afternoon, school district attorney Michele Floyd said a private prom would be held at the Fulton Country Club, although the exact sponsorship of that event remains a mystery.

Kristy Bennett, legal director for the ACLU of Mississippi, said her organization was still gathering details about what happened Friday night to determine whether they would ask Davidson for sanctions.

Constance McMillen reported that her feelings were hurt, but, showing the dignity and grace that she has shown through the ordeal, she said that there were a few special needs young people at the event, and that they were able to have fun without being made fun of by others.

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2 Responses to End Run Around Constance: Fake Prom

  1. gleefuldee says:

    I think that Constance is handling the situation with incredible grace, considering how outrageous and cruel this ordeal was/is. While I’m glad that the other students she was with had a great time, there’s still no excuse for such blatant discrimination. I’m sick of reading stories like this; I wish it would stop.

  2. T.T. Thomas says:

    I agree—she is handling this whole thing with more graciousness and maturity than those around her, many of whom are her age! Btw, gleefuldee, you have a lovely blog over at http://gleefuldee.wordpress.com –I love that your post today was Why People Suck: Reason #1. I’m sure the count will go up! Thanks for dropping in!

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