About That Horse You Rode In On…

I don’t dislike the horse just because someone awful rode in on it. Indeed, for someone awful, or hateful, or stupid to ride in on a gorgeous animal is just plain wrong! Thus, I’ve named this “vehicle” The Daily Horse. So when I say whatever I say, I do not include the horse you rode in on. I, however, cannot speak for others on this issue. Also, this isn’t meant to be strictly a daily. It’s reasonably daily. Every other day or so. Until it bcomes really daily.

Because many things interest me, this blog is about many things that interest me. I love other writers and what they write, how they think, what interests them. I am interested in my GLBT nation, the issues that affect it, and the family, friends and people who support us—as well as the ones who don’t support us. Please make comments whenever you wish.  TTThomas

TTThomas lives in California. She is a former journalist and public relations professional. She married her partner, Karyn, in August, 2008.


7 Responses to About That Horse You Rode In On…

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