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Review: Pride/Prejudice by Ann Herendeen

So, it’s OK to say you hate Herendeen’s Pride/Prejudice, and it’s OK to say you love it; it’s not OK to say you were shocked—shocked I tell you!—to discover two men making love with one another and, quite separately, of course, with their wives. Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to reveal that much. Continue reading

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Author Review: Kelland by Paul G. Bens, Jr.

WARNING: This Review Contains Major Spoilers There are several places, including the author’s own web site, where one can read the basic storyline of Kelland, Paul Bens’ new novel from Casparian Press, but I would like to talk about the … Continue reading

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The GLBT Bookshelf Is Now Open!

The GLBT Bookshelf is the brainchild of author Mel Keegan. In introducing the site to the Gay nation, Keegan, said: “We’re a new Community of writers, artists, publishers, reviewers and readers … with a difference. We’re a GLBT Community, where … Continue reading

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Books By Ann Somerville

All of the following Somerville ebooks are available for download. Somatesthesia, 2009, Lulu  Many Roads Home, 2009, Samhain Publishing  Remastering Jerna, 2009, PD Publishing  Hidden Faults, 2008, PD Publishing  Encounters 1: On Wings, Rising, 2008, Samhain Publishing  Encounters 2: Reaching … Continue reading

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Ann Somerville: A Review, A Reprint and A Retrospective

Preamble “2042. Post-peak oil America is a much more insular and inward looking country than now, with severely restricted immigration and international defense activities. Like most countries, imports of all kinds are limited because of cost, with a new emphasis on home and … Continue reading

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Author Review: Paul G. Bens, Jr.

        One of my newest favorite authors is Paul G. Bens, Jr.  His writing reaches right out and grabs your heart and doesn’t let go until you admit you’ve been touched, and loved and wounded and thrilled … Continue reading

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