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The Compleat Gay Makeover

The youtube video mentions Alan Downing, a lead therapist for JONAH. The People Can Change website lists Downing as a “Senior Trainer” for Journey into Manhood, which is a controversial retreat designed to make gay men more masculine. Described as having a “camp-like” woodsy atmosphere without shaming, judgment or, naturally, same-sex sex, Journey into Manhood seems to be several things, most of them having to do with guys getting undressed and holding their manhood in such a way as to reaffirm their masculinity. While that may sound an awful lot like masturbation with an audience, to most of us, getting in touch with one’s manhood is a cornerstone of the woodland journey into…whatever. Clearly, it is apparently not for lesbians, despite what some of us might think we have—meaning, the Gayness thing, naturally. Downing, who acknowledges that he is still attracted to men, is one of the better-known people in the business of so-called ex-gays-via-reparative-therapy industry. Continue reading

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