Surviving Bullies: Peterr and the Flirtations Speak

This video (soundtrack, really–listen to the lyrics of the entire song) goes with a FABULOUS post by Peterr over at Firedoglake. His post is as moving as the song sung by the all-gay a cappella group The Flirtations. Recalling a concert he saw in the 1990’s, Peterr says:

Then at the end came the most powerful moment of the evening, which is indelibly printed in my memory. After the applause died down following a song, the Flirts told the crowd that we were coming to the end of the concert.

“BOOOO!!!! NOOOO!!!!” replied the audience.

“Yes,” said the Flirts, “Yes, we are.”

You could almost see people going back into their closets or back into their battles being out, putting on the armor they had taken off as the concert progressed. People were anticipating going into the night air, back to their homes, their jobs, and everything else, and it hurt. It had been such an incredible night, filled with joy and camaraderie and pride . . . and now it was almost over. Damn.

“Yes, we are,” said the Flirts, “but we want to leave you with a lullaby. Imagine how different you might be — how different the world might be — if more parents sang lullabys like this to their children.”

Then, in the stillness of the night, to an audience that almost dreaded leaving, they sang . . .

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3 Responses to Surviving Bullies: Peterr and the Flirtations Speak

  1. Sheogorath says:

    This portion of the requested page has been blocked by Barracuda Web Filter.
    What was the song?

  2. TT Thomas says:

    You know, I’m not sure of the title of the song. If the video doesn’t come up in the post, here’s a link. Thanks for participating!

  3. Sheogorath says:

    That’s my issue right there. The Barracuda block extends to everything Google, which is why the embedded video was blocked and why the link is useless to me. Thanks anyway.

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