They are Gone: Brandon Bitner, 14

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Another bullied teenager committed suicide early Friday morning, 5 November 2010. Brandon Bitner, a 14 year old boy from Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, walked several miles from his home around 2 a.m. to a busy intersection, where he walked in front of a moving tractor trailer. Brandon left a suicide note at his home and several audio recordings for his closest friends. His note was not full of resentment and hate, but of love and hope. Brandon explained in the note that he was constantly bullied at Midd West High School in Middleburg, PA, where he was a freshman. Bullies called Brandon gay, girly, fag, and geek. He stated in the note that a humiliating event in school this past week was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

In the first part of the note, Brandon made it clear that he does not want this outcome for anyone else in the world. He said he wants his family and friends to fight to bring awareness to the bullying issues in today’s society. He told his friends in the audio recording and in the note that he wants them to have fulfilled lives and the strength to follow their dreams. Brandon was a gifted violinist and artist.

The foregoing information is from the memorial website for Brandon, which includes a full obituary.

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