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They are Gone: Brandon Bitner, 14

(Continued from Original Post) Another bullied teenager committed suicide early Friday morning, 5 November 2010. Brandon Bitner, a 14 year old boy from Mount Pleasant Mills, PA, walked several miles from his home around 2 a.m. to a busy intersection, … Continue reading

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Target: Between Hard Rock Gospel and a Bad Place

Is That A Rainbow I See Dripping All Over Your Target Audience? Today, Tom Emmer, a vociferous anti-Gay policitan and recipient of Target Corp. political monies, who is running in the Minnesota gubernatorial Republican primary, has announced he is re-oganizing … Continue reading

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Weapon of Choice

One writer gets to the very essence of the ‘top-down’ damage being done to the GLBT community on a daily basis by institutions (government, schools, political and religious ‘leaders’) and the legal oppression and persecution that permits such a culture … Continue reading

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Melissa Etheridge on Michaelangelo Signorile Show

  UPDATE: GO HERE TO HEAR THE FULL INTERVIEW. Oh. My. God. On Wednesday, January 28, 2009, Melissa Etheridge will be a guest on Michaelangelo Signorile’s show on Sirius OUT Q satellite radio, as MA mentions in his blog. Following … Continue reading

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Rick? Your New BFFs Have Something To Tell You

                    This is part horrifying news story, part I can’t stand how many people are missing the obvious! Earlier this month, an openly gay woman from the Richmond area, outside San … Continue reading

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Water and Donuts: The New Homophobia

OK, so because Rick Warren has helped the poor and people with AIDS, it’s fine for him to compare same-sex marriage with incest, polygamy and pedophilia? Has everyone lost their mind? Hitler helped pure Germans. The Somali pirates help enrich … Continue reading

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